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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Google has released new features on your social network from Google + for all platforms – web, mobile web and mobile applications. Of all the new features, one of the characteristic milestone is the opening of services to the public - which means that there is no need that invites, for now, therefore, anyone can join Google +.

Crucial features are the extension of the support of the venues for mobile phones and Huddle's turn (discussion group) for the Messenger. In particular, Google + support Hangout is currently limited to Android phones only.


Video call and video are new and interesting things to be tested with the race new smartphones come with cameras front. Taking note of the trend technologies and available, the new Google in addition to Android update brings support for joint meeting places through smart phones Android 2.3 + bread run front with cameras. This means that users can join any active Hangout in his stream of a gingerbread Android device running at any time.

In addition interesting feature allows you to update with your friends, colleagues and family members at any time, especially when traveling. Support for the role mobile Hangout is currently limited to smart phones Android and Google is only committed to launch the same IOS devices feature soon. The idea of having a place of meeting of the Group of video on the mobile phone certainly sounds very good that Google Talk is not found.

The role of the group known as Huddle chat has been renamed to Messenger and given the ability to share images also. For example, you are out of the clothing store, and then you can click on the image of the dress and quickly seek the opinion of friends through Messenger. Chat group no doubt will become something more visual with that.

Apart from these two main features, now Google + mobile application allows to do one of the comments in posts. This feature is available both to iOS, and Android. + Improved support to mention now lets you easily add friends to your posts and comments. In addition, users can customize the notifications of the values of the application.


Based in the India and the United States, they can use the Google Earth Plus service through SMS because users can send, receive notifications, and respond to messages from group via SMS. It is necessary to register and verify your mobile phone with Google Earth Plus number. Our guide will help you in the use of Google Earth Plus via SMS.

Besides all this, Google Plus also offers some interesting features for the web, the service now allows users to share screens like Skype and Google Docs. The collaboration also brings a bit of fun with Sketchpad where users can do together in the same notebook of drawing doodles and have some artistic pleasure.


Web receives new function of the air allowing the transmission live and up to nine people in a single session. It can also give names to these specific venues so your friends can quickly identify and join them. The search box will now take you relevant charges, together with the people on the basis of your search query, such as ice cream, cyclists, Comics, photography, etc.

Google + implementation of update with the new set of features are now available for the Android devices running 2.1 or higher. In the meantime, users of IOS devices will have to wait for the update.

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