All About The New Google +

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google has released new features on your social network from Google + for all platforms – web, mobile web and mobile applications. Of all the new features, one of the characteristic milestone is the opening of services to the public - which means that there is no need that invites, for now, therefore, anyone can join Google +.

Crucial features are the extension of the support of the venues for mobile phones and Huddle's turn (discussion group) for the Messenger. In particular, Google + support Hangout is currently limited to Android phones only.


Video call and video are new and interesting things to be tested with the race new smartphones come with cameras front. Taking note of the trend technologies and available, the new Google in addition to Android update brings support for joint meeting places through smart phones Android 2.3 + bread run front with cameras. This means that users can join any active Hangout in his stream of a gingerbread Android device running at any time.

In addition interesting feature allows you to update with your friends, colleagues and family members at any time, especially when traveling. Support for the role mobile Hangout is currently limited to smart phones Android and Google is only committed to launch the same IOS devices feature soon. The idea of having a place of meeting of the Group of video on the mobile phone certainly sounds very good that Google Talk is not found.

The role of the group known as Huddle chat has been renamed to Messenger and given the ability to share images also. For example, you are out of the clothing store, and then you can click on the image of the dress and quickly seek the opinion of friends through Messenger. Chat group no doubt will become something more visual with that.

Apart from these two main features, now Google + mobile application allows to do one of the comments in posts. This feature is available both to iOS, and Android. + Improved support to mention now lets you easily add friends to your posts and comments. In addition, users can customize the notifications of the values of the application.


Based in the India and the United States, they can use the Google Earth Plus service through SMS because users can send, receive notifications, and respond to messages from group via SMS. It is necessary to register and verify your mobile phone with Google Earth Plus number. Our guide will help you in the use of Google Earth Plus via SMS.

Besides all this, Google Plus also offers some interesting features for the web, the service now allows users to share screens like Skype and Google Docs. The collaboration also brings a bit of fun with Sketchpad where users can do together in the same notebook of drawing doodles and have some artistic pleasure.


Web receives new function of the air allowing the transmission live and up to nine people in a single session. It can also give names to these specific venues so your friends can quickly identify and join them. The search box will now take you relevant charges, together with the people on the basis of your search query, such as ice cream, cyclists, Comics, photography, etc.

Google + implementation of update with the new set of features are now available for the Android devices running 2.1 or higher. In the meantime, users of IOS devices will have to wait for the update.

Moreover to know about google + visit their help page just by clicking here

How To Make Money In Dollars Through Program Review

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Apart from Adsense, there are still some programs to make money in dollars through blogs, one of which is a program review. The system works the register at one of our service program review later after new acceptable we can get the job. Job is to write an article about a company or a website. So we point our blog posted an article about a company / website that has been determined by the program service provider.

There are many types of systems, review of a program (paid blogging) to work with the blog. The first is that we can make an offer from the list of available jobs. The second is that we can only wait for jobs from the service provider. Paid blog review of the program is quite pretty and we can make hundreds of dollars per review. Quite right as we filled the posts on our blog, we actually paid in dollars.

Here is a list of program review services:

* Blogsvertise
Language: English Language.
Type: Waiting for job.
Terms: Age blog at least 30 days, should not have a page rank.

* Buyblogreviews
Language: English Language.
Type: Finding Job.
Terms: No need to have a page rank.

* SponsoredReviews
Language: English Language.
Type: Finding Job.
Terms: Blogs should have a Pagerank.

* Linkworth
Language: English Language.
Type: Waiting for Job.
Terms: No need to have a page rank.

Language: English Language.
Type: Waiting for Job.
Terms: Blogs should have a page rank.

* Payperpost
Language: English Language.
Type: Finding Job.
Terms: No need to have a page rank.

Now that's some program reviews that you can follow. please select which one. also don't go all the conditions meet the problem of origin.
Complement reading

How To Use Keyword Tool To Generate Leads

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You can not keep a blog and write quality articles efficient from the standpoint of SEO techniques or relevant, either to search engines and people who will read, without a proper search for keywords and use them efficiently. You need to know the most important keywords for your blog and its contents to generate more leads and improve the quality of your articles. Here's a great tool for this research.

Here have dealt with it in other articles, but it's always nice to revisit some processes in creating content for a blog. Find and read is very important, especially to keep up your blog and not get lost in your chosen niche.

Complement reading this tutorial with the following text:

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Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Google offers a page where you can search the frequency and amount of times a word or phrase, and even a set of words and phrases are searched for periods (usually 30 days) in its search engine, Google. This makes it possible to know which keywords your niche more searched on Google.

If used well, can help you write articles more efficient from the standpoint of SEO techniques and put your blog and its contents in a better position organic results.

Google Keyword Tool

Check the search language. Then enter one or more words / phrases of interest. You will need to check the character, but is only the first time you do a search. Then just click on "Search."

We recommend that you do a search for a word or phrase at a time, leaving the box marked "Only show ideas closely related to my search terms". This makes the engine more free to suggest the most wanted results that relate to the word you typed.

This tool is used by advertisers who hire advertising service from Google, then shows a result for the size of the competition for the search words. This data can be ignored and it is important to see a few.

Then, the image, I highlight the column that should be noted: total monthly search volume. " That is, the average monthly searches done by the people those words on Google.

In the example we are using the word "Rpg Online Games" to find out which keywords are more effective. "Rpg Online Games" is the result of one month average of 301,000 searches. Compared with the other is a good average and is a word with a great potential.

If used in articles and texts, as well as titles and tags of images and content markers, along with "Rpg", "Rpg Games" and "Rpg Online Games" and can help define my niche.

Still, it is worth remembering that certain keywords have a lot of competition, is always seeking indexing many other sites in the same words and can be difficult to stand out in this medium. A good strategy would be to go in search of the words mean and invest more in them than in the words of great weight, but without abandoning the strongest words.

This gives a balance to your articles and shows you an alternative way to get more public, without having to go head to head with your competitors and risk losing the fight.

Another thing to consider is, if you scroll the results page, you will see another list of keywords related to "Additional keywords to consider - sorted by relevance". Google offers a list of words that are considered relevant if added to the keywords listed above. This is a good help to make your articles more efficient and point out ways of indexing. This adds value to your content and shows other ways to improve the quality of your articles and give directions how to act more efficiently.

The keywords sorted by relevance have to do with how people act when doing a search. Google catalogs and this determines which results are more efficient together.

That way, if you chose as main words, following the example here, "rpg online Games" / "rpg" / "best online rpg games" can add value to its content and articles dealing with issues also using "deathwatch rpg "/" rpg "/" zombie rpg "/" camping "as a reinforcement to improve their indexing.

Here you just gave a quick example and without much depth. Remember that it is good to evaluate what your competitors are doing and what keywords they are well indexed so you can well define their area of expertise.

Invest time in research and has patience to read and see the results, which are always long term, but very satisfying if done well this early work.

Gradually you will become familiar with your niche and finding out.

Which gives more options to act more naturally and without relying on either of these mechanisms, but without giving up its use? For this to become a natural thing you need to do some reading, researching and writing very much. Knowing your visitors is vital, especially to know what he wants and offer you just that.

Google Insights for Search: Keyword and Relevance

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A blog to stand out in organic results of searches have to worry about some fundamental things. There is much talk in SEO - Search engine optimization, Key words (keywords), among other things. But when you're writing a blog, even for fun, often do not know what mechanisms and tools to use to get along. So we'll see a tip for research that involves blog Keywords.

There is nothing to discuss: a blog will only take effect at the top of search results for your niche is to worry about two fundamental things - everything else is just a complement:

1. Quality content and relevant to their readers / visitors and niche;
2. If properly use keywords in content.

When creating a blog, search engines are concerned to organize your content exactly what it is reading and verifying the occurrence of words and phrases that connect the issues and how the sum of these articles complement each other.

Understanding: think of an encyclopedia of any one issue: health. Its contents will only be considered relevant by those who read all the texts that are interconnected in some way and are complementary. The more specific and more circular are the topics discussed, but easy to understand and seek answers.

It is therefore important that your blog follow a specific niche to be successful and try to be more specific, specialized possible. See for example here [Tools Blog] same. My focus is always the services involving the Blogger platform and how to improve blogs that use this Google service. I want people to see my content always as complementary, because that is what makes it relevant and people coming back for more.

To improve the indexing of my content, I started using a service very useful and efficient time to search for keywords to write my articles more relevant to my niche. With that I placed in my writing better Google Organic and gotten people to read more articles, staying longer on my pages.

(Remember that there are hundreds of factors that determine the position of an article or page in the results, but we must do everything in our power to improve.)

Google Insights for Search - See what the world is searching for.

With the service Insights for Search - It is possible to measure the proportion of searches for certain words, phrases and expressions, compared to other and measuring the relevance of what we call Keywords (Keywords).

I will show here only a standard usage. There are several ways to do research, even by region, specific times of the year (for the case of words that are more sought on certain dates, eg.: Christmas) or by categories and niches. Learning to make such comparisons can ensure a long life to your blog and content, creativity in how to address certain niches and themes, using the words correctly.

The most basic and direct way to do research with this service and get results is to compare terms, "Search Terms" (1), which is the first option.

To add multiple keywords, just click the link "Add search term" (2) and type what you want. Then check the desired period (3) and click on "Search" (4).

So if I want to compare what is most searched in the last 12 months, in Alaska (United States), including "Blogger" and "WordPress", we see that the word "Wordpress" is more than the other searched his rival in Alaska, making it the most relevant.

Numbers are not displayed, but only percentages and graphs, as a matter of Google's privacy policy.

Explore the features of the service to improve the content and therefore attract more visitors and learn to link your articles with keywords, and sought more efficient.

Best Techniques To Become An Influential Commentator

Nowadays almost everyone said blogs, whether competitors or not.

However, many comments left in vain, that really did not add anything useful to the subject and was merely a waste of time for you.

Being a good commentator on other blogs is extremely important, especially if you become influential.

There are a few tips and techniques to become an influential commentator, here, is any other blog. Please note:

1 - The link you put in the comments

Usually the link in the comments that arises is that corresponding to the homepage of our website.

There are however, ways to make better gains from exploitation of that link. One of the best techniques used by bloggers is to put the address of your feeds instead of putting the address of your website. Besides acting as a way to increase subscriptions, also gives the more curious the opportunity of reviewing various other content on your website. Say this is a slightly more aggressive marketing.

For those who do not like to be aggressive, you can simply leave a link to an article that is relevant to who is reading your comment.

If you can get a link to an article of yours on the same subject, the better. Besides you be offering a greater context, is to give opportunity to other pages than the homepage, to become known and improve their own Page Rank.

2 - The comments will

Unfortunately it is common to see much comment in the blogosphere style "very good", "interesting", etc..

Although it is important to review, comment is also important to know quality. You only have to gain from this, believe me!

Add value to your comment and the post itself is the best way to ensure visitors back to your blog.

Use the comments as a way to show your knowledge, and not as a way to take advantage of another blogger whatsoever.

Comments deep and well structured, are always the subject of hundreds of visitors later.

3 - Do not be sore elbow

Usually in the comments is important to be positive. If you want to be somewhat negative view of the work exhibited, or try in any way harm the blogger with your comment, it is likely that this comment is deleted or a mild response also sour, for various reasons that will hurt you you and your blog. When trying to guess or have elbow pain, you need to realize the risk you run. If your idea is wrong, it is more likely, the repercussions will be incredible.

In trying to be negative, you want your comment to be ignored. The idea is precisely the opposite!

If you want to say that a service is bad, you choose to say that does not agree with the post, and recommends the service be better for Y in A and B. When making a post like this, you will add value to the blogger. This is the most important.

4 - Knowledge sharing

The best reviews are definitely those that are built in order to add value to the post.

A simple comment line will probably be a little influence, rather than an extremely well thought out comment and thoughtful, with one or two paragraphs.

The bloggers will remember and visit your website when your comment somehow stuck in their retina.

This is the most important. Never forget that there are no untouchables or bloggers who do not comment on other blogs because they are the true luminaries in your niche. This is a wrong idea, both for itself and for the blogger.

Everyone visit everyone when their content is of value, either in comments or in posts.

It's funny to look that good comments on blogs of success, always bring hundreds of visitors later. This is the effect of an influential commentator.

At the same time to be an influential commented, you can also improve your way of promoting others' remarks.

One of the best ways to attract more comments to your blog is using the plugin CommentLuv that whenever someone puts a comment, it puts an additional link to the last post of your blog. Nothing more interesting to comment and leave a precious link to his latest title, right?

The end result may be a commentary with the following footnote. The style and the sentence will depend on the configuration to use later in your blog.

The plugin is quite simple to install and activate, and offers added value to their readers when they post comments.

Download CommentLuv plugin!

In conclusion, commenting is not, nor should it be a science.

When you place a comment on a blog is necessary to be aware of the value of a comment.

Consider essential to first consider the quality of your comments, instead of taking advantage of the blog to promote your alien.

His influence in the comments of a blog is measured by its regularity and consistency. Take a few minutes of your day to day, to comment on other blogs, putting their knowledge in the field and who also need help. Sharing knowledge is always the best way to achieve success. Read How to Increase Your Visits With OpenID Commenting.

Increase Your Visits With OpenID Commenting

Friday, August 12, 2011

What is OpenID?

OpenID is a distributed identity system, designed to facilitate access to multiple websites using a single identification. With OpenID, instead of using a username and password for each online service, you only use one URL for everyone.

Wikipedia has a great entry in English that explains What is OpenID. If you've never heard, I strongly recommend that you read before proceeding.

If you are a user can use the Blogspot URL to your own blog to log where the OpenID option is available. Especially when commenting on other blogs Blogspot, I'll explain why.

How to increase your visits using OpenID

It is known that one of the most effective ways to get new readers to your blog and leaving comments relevant blogs in the same niche as yours. Human beings are curious creature by nature and usually follows the comments more attractive.

But if you are a user of Blogspot and comments using your Google account to pay attention, because instead of leaving the URL of your blog link in your comment, is leaving your profile page on Blogger.

And that's not very interesting because the profile page is standardized for all users. So how will you differentiate yourself in this crowd of blogs, posting a default page, like everyone else, rather than its own address?

Would not it be better to leave your comment associated with the home page of your blog? To this comment using OpenID whenever the option is available. Commenting on your blog using OpenID is to be linked, not your profile page.

How to comment using your OpenID Blogspot

Comment using OpenID is safer because it guarantees the identity of the commentator, unlike the option Name / URL and forms of Wordpress for example, where it is easy to forge a fake identity.

To comment on blogs using OpenID anchored on Blogspot, as do the images below:

Note: Using OpenID for the first time in a particular website, you must enter your username and password from the default page of a Google Blogger, this is normal and serves to confirm that your property under OpenID.

Important: On your own blog, comment your identity when using Google, otherwise the hack highlight the author's commentsWill not work. Read Best Techniques To Become An Influential Commentator.

The rule is clear: In the other OpenID in with your Google Account.

Earn Money With Your Blog

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Earn money directly to the Internet was never easy, neither in the times of the bubble. Place banner ads on websites was also seen as amateur, generally put up a banner for a company of a friend for free, dreaming attract advertisers. When they came, nobody knew how much to charge.

Google (when they) changed that. With AdSense all the work was taken from the hand of the website owner, we only have to produce content and see the money trickle. Of course, if your site has a huge audience and quality content (not the case here) will be surprised. See the rest of the matter and join the AdSense and earn money...


First of all: If you have a site with eight visits / month talking about the reproductive habits of mycobacterium on medicine bottles, forget it. The relationship click / visit a web ad is low. Let's face it, no one clicks on ads. Only if the content is very important, phase of the moon to help, the third eye of the user is aligned with us.

You will not get rich with it here, unless the folks at Gizmodo, the Fark, Slashdot. Other than that, can we live.

A friend has a fairly popular blog. I urged her to put the AdSense link. She put a banner modest. Result? In 20 days has already covered the cost of hosting. So simple. Got it? The blog already paid! And she does not invest much in content update. The secret?

Web ads are not Field of Dreams, is not "build it and they will come." You need two things to win some money with Google:

1. Specialized Content
2. Relevant ads

Let's study them:

Specialized Content

That's it. Simple, right? No. It is not simple. A generic blog like this one attracts people of all kinds, but has little return. No one around to see what's new, one story can be very interesting to someone, but if it's just one of 15 uninteresting, there is no reason to save the link site.

Choose a theme, work on it, create content instead of getting third-party news passing the time. Build a qualified audience. This ensures return.

On the topic, remember that you can aspire to Fortune and Glory (tm Indiana Jones) but will only have the two if your audience has a bit of Dim-Dim, otherwise one is left only with the Glory, which does not help when His belly is collect the rent at the end of the month. Sites like techcrunch and with very high visitation cannot make big things in advertising, just for speaking to an audience of living allowance.

Review of private jets is not a good subject. While it is a qualified audience and with bullet in the needle, is not exactly a stadium or place where audience get together.

Find a middle ground, handcuff him and to not deviate by more than tempting. This will greatly increase the ratio click / visit.

Relevant Ads

At the time that the banners were manual, not matter what was on the page, where you came, even the language used. One guy in Northern MiserĂ¡bia using a TCP / IP link via carrier pigeons would see the same banners of Madonna visiting New York. This meant that for 90% of the public, their banner was just garbage.

Google changed that. AdSense not only analyzes the content of your page (dynamically) but also analyzes the origin of the visitor. Palms talking about a page will show ads related to a PDA, and, if possible, a related announcement geographically with the visitor.

Another day was in Campinas, got in my micro site of a friend. Not only relevant ads appeared, as several ads for companies in the region. That is differentiation.

Modus Operandi

The concept is to make the Adsense ad not an outstanding part of your site. Text ads (my favorites) are small, do not take hours to download and are not intrusive. Google has made an excellent choice for not using Flash and other swineherd that only serve to distract your attention. Those horrible POP-UP are also not acceptable to Google. MUCH LESS DHTMLs opening images in your face, top the content and require clicks.

In the AdSense site is a lot of examples of ad placement. You can change details such as color, border, background and match the ad with your site. You can filter competitors, choose language, everything.

The steps to join the AdSense and put it running are simple:

1 - Fill in the Registry, indicating your site
2 - Wait for approval of the site (some content is not allowed)
3 - Set colors, choose formats and copy the provided HTML
4 - Put the code in your site, in the desired
5 - Monitor near real-time reporting of clicks

Google sends checks to the money in the world. The initial volume is $ 100, but you can ask that money be withheld until it reaches higher amount. This is useful in many places, as cashing checks in U.S. dollars is very expensive there.

Your only obligation is to avoid the media as objectionable content, prohibited or low level. Otherwise you will only see institutional ads that do not yield anything. If you want an example, click on my pages of questionable content, prohibited or low level.


Registration is free; AdSense can be done through a banner display. To learn more, sign up and begin to earn money, I recommend you to read the following topics as it would be very beneficial for you.
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